Sunday, September 21, 2014

We Must Pray The Rosary

 The video below may help on Praying the Rosary and how to Pray the Rosary.

         Praying the Rosary (Walsingham 2010).mpg
                              by Fr. Simon Rundell

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

It's Time For All Of Us In This Troubled World To Pray For Peace

  If you have been watching the news lately you can absolutely tell we are in the last days. I do believe that the time is getting closer for the return of Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Of course I can not say exactly when because no one knows the time or the hour only God The Father. So I believe we should all be praying for peace in the world.

               03 Prayer of S Francis from Francis of Assisi (1961)
                                            by Fr. Simon Rundell
   If you are interested in Catholic Prophecy I would listen to this video of Fatima 2014 secret restored . Here is another interesting video on the story of Fatima below.

                             Our Lady of Fatima May 13, 1917
                                       by TradCat Faith & Morals

  Thank You for reading God Bless and Pray For World Peace.

Monday, September 1, 2014

I Do Love Having Some Catholic Statues At Home

  I have noticed in various Catholic Churches that you do not see any Catholic Statues of Jesus, Mary and other Saints in and around the Church. When I was younger I always remember the different statues in the church. There were statues of Jesus and statues of Mary. There were some statues of various Saints such as Saint Anthony as well as others. I remember going to my Grandparents house and they always had a statue of Jesus and Mary in the house. I have tried to carry the same thing in my house. I have a statue of Mary and other small statues of Jesus. I have a small collection of them in my Computer Ham Shack. In my bedroom we have a large wooden crucifix as well as some illustrations of Jesus. The wooden crucifix hung in my Mothers house in her bedroom for as long as I remember. She gave that to me and I will pass it on to my son some day.
  Some people in other religions tend to say that we pray to the statue. This is because they may see us kneeling before a Statue Of A Saint for example. They also will say that we worship the statue. Well the fact is that neither of these are true. We do not worship or pray to the statue. I believe that this is a misunderstanding due to what someone perceives when they see someone kneeling in prayer before the statue. For us Catholics the statue is merely a remembrance of who the person is. When in prayer we may ask the person to pray for us. We are not praying to the statue as some think. As it says in the bible all are alive in Christ, so there is no need to pray to a statue. You can actually pray and that person knows and will pray for you.
  There are some statues I remember more than others. One of them hung high above the altar in Saint Thomas The Apostle Church in Irondequoit New York where I grew up. It was a large Gold Crucifix with God the Father, Jesus and the Holy Spirit together. It represented the Holy Trinity and I never will forget it. Another Statue I will never forget was the Statue Of Mary Our Blessed Mother. It was out in the courtyard outside of the church. Every May Day there would be all kinds of beautiful flowers around it. All the classes would gather together and we would sing various hymns. There are other statues that I have seen in different neighbors yards. They ranged from Jesus, Mary and usually Saint Francis. Maybe one of these days I will have a statue like that in my yard with beautiful flowers around it.
  Well those are just some of the Catholic Statues I remember growing up as a child. They have stuck with me all these years. I would like to see other people enjoy the beautiful statues whether they are in your house or out in your yard. They may even have a bird bath with them so the birds can get a drink or maybe a squirrel.
  I hope you enjoyed reading and God Bless.