Sunday, October 26, 2014

Are We Really Practicing Jesus's Command To Love One Another

  Seems to me there is an awful lot of hate going around these days. We definitely don't seem to be loving one another as Jesus instructed us to. It seems like everywhere I look someone is saying something bad about someone else just because they may have a different belief. Instead of making some kind of a rude comment we should learn to respect each others beliefs and learn to live together. We are all in this big wide world together.  I always remember what Jesus said in John Chapter 13 Verse 34, 34 I give you a new commandment: love one another; you must love one another just as I have loved you. Again we see it in John Chapter 15 verse 12, This is my commandment: love one another, as I have loved you. Here is an excellent website about love . Here is another link about bible verses about love . There are plenty of other websites from all religions about loving one another. I believe that is Gods main message throughout time that we learn to love one another.
  I have heard in the news lately about all the bullying that is going on. The saddest part is that it seems to end with one person having way too much stress and then it ends in the horrible death of both parties as well as innocent bystanders. This bullying problem has gotten way out of hand as of late. There were various shows on television where people were speaking out and speaking to children to try and stop the bullying problem. This of course is not a new problem ,it just seems to be getting worse. We seem to be living in a society where we have lost the love and respect for one another. We have taken God out of so many things we no longer have the moral fiber to see what is right and what is wrong. I do believe that Satan has his hand in all of this, but that is my feeling.
  The other night my mother called me and asked what my sons best friends name is. She began to tell me that his father and him were on the local news talking about how his son was bullied all through his four years in high school. Now he has so many problems from it he is seeing a psychiatrist and is under medical care. Even when the father spoke to the school district nothing was done. We will keep praying to him to get the help he needs to help deal with these horrible problems. When I heard this it made me think of how I was bullied when I was younger. Yes I was bullied when I was in grade school and most of high school.
  My bullying did get to a point where I decided to stand up to the person and ask him why are you doing this. Well it all had to do with the fact that we did not live in a big fancy house and we did not have a lot of money. Fortunately for me I apparently must have been listening all those years when I was in Catholic School growing up. I just basically turned the other cheek and walked away. I realized I had better things to do with my time. I did notice that as time went on these people grew up and stopped what they were doing. Maybe my prayers for them did help in some way even though they may not have realized it.
  I do believe that we should be reaching out to one another and giving what support we can. I feel that we need to bring God back into our lives and look at the things that we have in common with each other. It is time to stop judging one another and time to put out our hand and help on another. We need to keep our eyes open and pay attention on what is going on around us whether it is in school, work or wherever we may be. If we show the Love that Jesus taught us we may see a difference to others around us.
  My best advise is to read the scripture whether it is in the old testament, new testament or what ever we are reading. The message of love is always there and has been since the beginning. That brings me to another point that I have always realized. Everyone is always looking at how different we are. What we do not seem to realize is that that we are all related. I always look at it because we all started with Adam and Eve in the garden. That means that we actually are all related. It is just through time that many people went different ways, but we are all brothers and sisters when it comes down to it.
  We are all children of God and all have the same Heavenly Father.
  Thank You for reading and God Bless.    

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Opening Your Bible And Some Scripture Stands Out

  Have you ever just opened your Bible to do your daily reading and the first scripture you see stands right out and catches your eye. It also just seems to be relevant with something that is going on in the world today. It can be anything in the world new or in the catholic news. As you read it you begin to make some correlation with current events especially in the catholic news or again the world news. I know that has happened to me on more than one occasion. I always wonder is this the Holy Spirit trying to tell me something. Sometimes when this happens I go to work and think of some way I can work it into the conversation. It is hard sometimes when people do not necessarily believe in similar things. Generally they are younger and seem to be living in the world and not for God. Although it could be that they are just younger and not thinking of spiritual things. The best thing I can do is pray for them and pray that one of these days their eyes will be opened to the truth of Jesus Christ and all the awesome things that are out there. I do have to remember that I was young once and was in the same place they are.
  Okay back to the topic at hand. I was thinking about all the different terrible things that are going on in the world today. For example all the sad things going on in Iraq and other Middle East Countries. I was also thinking about all the terrible diseases that are plaguing many different countries around the world. Especially the problem with Ebola that has now entered our country. I am a Ham Radio Operator and have been seeing all the problems with Earthquakes that are happening all over the world. Some major ones in the United States as well as some in Japan that have caused innocent people to lose their lives. All we ever seem to hear about are Wars and Rumors of Wars theses days.
  So when I opened my Bible with no particular place in mind I opened it to Isaiah Chapter 29 Verse 17. The word at the top was Redemption and it was bold so it stood out. Of course there are other words that are bold, but this caught my eye first. As I read through the scripture it just seemed as this was very relevant with the problems we are seeing today. After reading that scripture I read over the chapters surrounding it and they all seemed to be relevant with our troubled world. All I could think of was yes we are truly in the Last Days. So is Jesus coming soon everyone seems to ask. Well as for me I do not know, I just think it's very close. The only one who knows is the Father, not the Son, Angels, Saints or anyone. All I can do is keep praying, Loving Jesus and keep my eyes open as well as praying for others in the world. My advise is to buy some Catholic Books and do some learning about Catholic Bible Prophecy.
  I thought I would just share the scripture from my Catholic Bible that caught my eye so you can read it below.

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

What Does It Mean To Be A Catholic Revert

  When I first heard the term Catholic Revert I did not know exactly what that was. Well after listening to the Journey Home on EWTN I realized I am a Catholic revert. A revert is basically a person that was brought up in the Catholic Church, left for some reason and then came back to the Catholic Church. Yes that is basically what I did. I never decided that I did not like the Catholic Church. I basically was about 18 years old and acted like a child. I was being busy with going to work and to college. I think I just was not making the time I should have to go to Mass.
  When I was in my early twenties I met my wife while going to college. I proposed to her and we were married in 1984 in the pentecostal church. She was going to a pentecostal church at the time. I went with her to see what this church was like, never knowing anything about the pentecostal church. It was not a bad experience by any means. The people were very nice and the preaching was very interesting. We spent a few years there and I became closer to Jesus and read the bible more often. There did come a point when I realized I was judging everyone and everything. I made a choice when I judged my own mother. I stepped back and reviewed my life, what I believed in before and what my mother believed in about Jesus. I knew what I was doing was wrong in my Heart and Soul. We left the pentecostal church and started looking for a different church.
  Well my journey or I should say our journey took us to a variety of different churches. We went to Baptist Churches, Methodist Churches and quite a few others. We ended up lastly going to a Lutheran Church. We found that we felt comfortable there and loved the Parish, Pastor and all the people. It felt really nice, because it seemed to have similarities with the Catholic Church and the Methodist Church. We spent quite a few years there and all our three children were born, baptized and went to Sunday School there. There did come a time when the Pastor was speaking about the Eucharist and something was wrong when he said it was just a symbol.


   Well I did a lot of searching to find out about the Eucharist. I was collecting various books written by Catholics as well as other religious authors. I read a book called 30 years with Christ and what the person said about so many different churches saying the Holy Spirit said this about some subject and something else about the same subject. I figured someone has to be right and others are wrong. If the Holy Spirit was telling different churches different things about the same subject I new something was wrong. We all know the Holy Spirit does not lie and we all know the Holy Spirit can not be confused, because it only says what God tells the Holy Spirit to say.
  One night I was questing what to do and did not know which way to go. I sat down and just started praying. I asked God to direct me in the right path. I turned on the cable TV and happened to watch the EWTN Catholic channel. The program that was on was called the Journey Home with Marcus Grodi. The topic on the show that night was about a person coming back to the Catholic Church, because of their belief in the Eucharist. Yes it was almost exactly what I was questioning and going through. I decided to study religion through history to see who was doing what and where did it lead me. I ended up coming back to the Catholic Church. I learned about the Early Church Fathers. I found that some were directly associated the Apostles. I knew that they would be doing what Jesus taught them.
  Well I realized that the only church doing what Jesus taught was the Catholic Church. At that point I came to a realization that I knew what I was supposed to do. I believe in my Heart and Soul that God was showing me the direction I had to go. I decided that I had to go back to the Catholic Church. Yes I became a revert and have never left the Catholic Church again. My wife decided to become Catholic and all my children became Catholic. If anyone is looking for books on this type of subject I would read books by Marcus Grodi, Jeff Cavins and Scott Hahn. Just make sure what you read is written by Catholics. Yes I guess you could say that I made the Journey Home. I do have an earlier post on this subject, but I never get tired of telling it. I hope and pray that other people will find the way home also.
  Thank You for reading and God Bless.