Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Stop Spreading The Lies About The Catholic Church

 Every time I turn around I hear more and more untruths about the Catholic Church. There is always someone spreading misinformation about the church. In fact I have a brother in the born again church and he does the same thing. I just read how he found out about information on why Catholics eat ham on Easter, in other words where it came from. Of course he got the information from another born again website. So I looked around and got the correct information and put it on facebook. Maybe one of these days something will sink in and wake him up.
 I spent a few years in the assembly of god church when I was first married. At first it was nice, but then the catholic bashing began. I found myself starting to do the same thing. Fortunately the Holy Spirit woke me up and my wife and I left that church. There are many excellent books for Catholics. We ended up in the Lutheran Church for quite a few years as our children were young. I did however decide over the Eucharist to leave that church and come back to the Catholic Church. My wife decided to all become Catholic by her own choice and my children became Catholic as well.
 I remember many times working at different jobs and the catholic misinformation would come up. I have had to correct several people as for the misinformation they had received. If we are trying to be like Jesus, then we should do what Jesus would do. He would not bash or cut someone down. No he would show love and understanding and rebuke when necessary, but no in a demeaning way. So my advise is to buy books written by Catholics and know the truth, then teach others. There are many excellent books on Catholic Traditions that will help. Spread the truth and not lies.

Sunday, February 12, 2017

Do You Want The Bible Alone Or The Whole Truth

  I remember those days that I spent in the Assembly Of God Church where it was the bible alone. Well at the time I never realized what I was missing. I did how ever realize what was missing once I was out of that church. My wife, kids and I ended up in the Lutheran Church for quite a few years and I did see some of those things I was missing start to show up again. We did eventually go back to the Catholic Church and I was and am very happy to be sharing in all those sacraments I had missed so much.
  I have heard many people in the Catholic Church refer to it as the fullness of the faith. My only concern is what will happen to the people that are not in the Catholic Church. In other words as it says in John 6:54 whoever eats my flesh and drinks my blood has eternal life and I will raise him on the last day.
I know when I was deciding on what church had the whole truth I was not thinking of the Catholic Church. I did alot of searching through history and read various religious books. The funny thing is that I kept ending right back up at the Catholic Church. I happened to watch the journey home show on EWTN and heard them mention the Early Church Fathers. I read books and listened to all kinds of information. I came to the conclusion that the Catholic Church was and is the only true church.

   The only thing I can say is you must set out on your own journey to find the truth. You will find many that will try to persuade you to follow their church or try to find ways to bring down the Catholic Church. Just remember as it says in the bible "The Gates Of Hell Shall Not Prevail Against It".



Sunday, January 8, 2017

What Do Catholics Believe

 I have been in many situations where someone has made a totally incorrect statement about the Catholic Church. Yes I corrected the individual and they were very surprised at the misinformation they were given. You see the problem is that many people see with their eyes and don't know the facts. One common one is that we pray to the statues. Well no in fact the statue is merely a reminder of the person and what they did in their lives. Also when we are praying we are asking that individual to pray for us. Many people think that once your dead your gone. That is just simply not true, because it says in the bible to be absent from the body is to be present with Christ.
 So what should we do as Catholics to spread the truth about the Catholic Church and what we believe. I believe we should do just what is says in the Bible. We should put on the Armor of God. In other words we should find all the material written by Catholics and share it with others. This can be done through the building of websites, blogs, social media like facebook and twitter as well as many others. I believe if we all started to share the information, people and other faiths would have a better understanding of the Catholic Faith. They would also find out that we actually have more in common then they know.
 So start by purchasing various books on the Catholic Church and Catholic Faith. Start up websites and more blogs, then show the Love and Respect that Jesus wanted all of us to do. I believe that as others see what we believe and why we do it, they may be drawn into the church. I would suggest watching shows on EWTN such as The Journey Home. This is a show where many different individuals have left their churches to join the Catholic Church. It can be very interesting and a worthwhile experience. You will also learn some things you may not have known about your Catholic Faith.
 It's Time To Learn And Share Our Catholic Faith