Saturday, January 2, 2016

Are You Born Again

Jesus Talking To Nicodemus About Being Born Again
 Are You Born Again ? Boy there is a question I have heard quite a bit. I remember my time in the assembly of God church and I had many people ask me that question. You see I was brought up Catholic and wandered through my late teenage years not knowing where I was going. I never left the Catholic Church, but kind of slacked off. I met my wife and ended up in the assembly of God church until my eyes were opened and I knew I had to leave there. I have written other posts on this blog about it. Well I finally after a long journey came back to the Catholic Church.
 My younger brother is in the assembly of God church and he is forever trying to save us all. Well I was thinking about what to write a post about and I saw a post on facebook about this subject of being born again. I knew I had to write something and share the video I saw. I can not post the video itself due to copyright laws so here is a link to the video . I hope that you will watch it and share it on twitter and facebook.
 I shared it on facebook and I am sure I will get some response from my brother. I believe if we just took the time to listen we may just learn something and our eyes would be opened to the truth. I always share my blogs on twitter and they go out on facebook. I just pray that someones heart will be opened and they may change the path they are on and bring others with them. The world is becoming more and more a very dark place. That is evident by all of the horrible things that are taking place around the world everyday.
 So if you would like to share my Blog I have no problem with that. Be sure to leave a comment if you would like as well.
 Thank You and God Bless.