Sunday, December 6, 2015

Learn To Explain Your Faith To Others


 We should always be able to answer the questions of others from other faiths. You need to read some excellent books on Catholic Apologetics. This way you can learn how to answer other peoples questions about the Catholic Faith. I would also invest in some good Catholic Study Bibles. This way as you read the scripture you will have the answers right there. I would also buy a good Catholic Encyclopedia so you can find the answers to important questions. Finally I would buy a good Catholic Cataclysm and that will help learn what the Catholic Faith teaches.
  You will find that as you go through life you will meet those from other faiths and they will try to prove you wrong. They will also try to convert you to their faith. I have been there more than once and I thank God that he showed me the truth and I came back to the Catholic Church. Always remember never to put anyone's faith down and never belittle anyone. Sometimes people will just try to pull you into an argument. The best thing is to be kind, take a deep breath, say thank you and go on your way. That is what Jesus would do, so that's what I do.