Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Is Jesus Christ Coming Soon

  Sometimes with all the bad and truly evil things going on in the world I can only think, hope and pray that Jesus will be coming soon. Every time I turn around someone is predicting that Jesus is coming on a certain date. It seems that they usually just give a year and maybe a month. As far as I am concerned I believe what it says in the bible. Know one knows the time or the hour. Not the Son or the Angels or the Saints. Only the Father knows. So either you believe the bible or you don't. Are you smarter than Jesus, the Angels and the Saints. I don't think so. I believe God wants us to always be thinking of Jesus coming back so we will be ready and not caught off guard.
  One of the most popular notions that I always hear about is the Bible code. They claim that there are hidden messages in the Bible. I have looked at some of these findings and I think they are really just by chance. When you look at the results they seem very vague. The one individual figured it out by dates and then saw for example things associated with water. This had to do with certain sinking of different ships. I think sometimes we just try to make sense out of something with our brains by associations. You really have to ask yourself why would God say know one knows the time or the hour.
  Now do I think the time and the hour are getting close to him coming soon. I believe due to all the evil in the world that time is getting very close. I sometimes think about it the way that I look at things with my own children as a father. If I see something going on I will watch it until I see that something needs to be taken care of. Then I will act upon it and resolve whatever the situation is. I never say anything to anyone, because I am the one who makes the decision as to when to act. Sometimes the individual may not like the decision, but that is my job as a parent.
  All I can say is there are so many sick and evil things going with people in various places that it will come down to enough is enough. I am sure many will not like his decision. But that is the price you pay when you are not obedient to your parent and we are his children. Looking at the evil things, the weather getting worse and killing that is getting worse every time you turn on the television or look at the internet it can only be a matter of time. All I can say is be steadfast and do what is right in anything that you do. Go to confession, communion and mass as much as possible.
  Thank You for reading and God Bless.   

Friday, August 8, 2014

Differences I have seen in the Catholic Church

  I was searching the internet for what is going on in the Catholic Church and I came across a website that had a lot of interesting information on it. I was surprised that the individual that wrote the information hit all the changes I had seen since coming back to the Catholic Church a few years ago. Here is a link to the website so check it out. .
  I definitely agree with others that the changes in the church are not necessarily bad things, but are they hurting the Catholic Church in various ways. I do feel that we have lost the holiness that used to be there when you were at Mass. One thing that I want to be certain of is that the transubstantiation is legitimate. I feel if the priest is not following what he is supposed to do, then there is a lack of legitimacy. I can tell you my mother made a comment to me the other day that she did not think it was right that instead of the priest sitting up near the altar he sat in a front pew with the people. It sometimes seems to me to be a if it feels good do it kind of Mass. I feel that there are things creeping into the Mass and the Church that are trying to tear it down. I do have comfort remembering that Jesus said the Gates Of Hell Shall Not Prevail Against It.
  Well that's all for now so keep praying and God Bless.

Sunday, August 3, 2014

What Is A Saint and Who Are The Saints

Saint Thomas The Apostle
    The first question is what is a saint. A saint is generally a person that has achieved a state of exceptional holiness. Some individuals seem to think that we create the various saints in the catholic church. Actually we do not create any saint, we just recognize the person for their holiness. The person who has been recognized by the church as a saint has been canonized by the church. The word canonized means to be actually recognized. The person that has been canonized is believed to definitely be in heaven.
  You may be asking how many saint are there in heaven. It seems that some individuals believe or state that there are over 10,000 saints in heaven presently. By looking or studying a saint we get a picture of what God is like. This also shows us what we should be like and what kind of life we should be living here on earth. That is usually not an easy task for all of us to follow. That is why it takes a special person to be a saint. Now a saint is not just men there are many women that are saints as well. There are some saints that are particularly well known, such as Saint Francis or Saint Patrick.