Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Stop Spreading The Lies About The Catholic Church

 Every time I turn around I hear more and more untruths about the Catholic Church. There is always someone spreading misinformation about the church. In fact I have a brother in the born again church and he does the same thing. I just read how he found out about information on why Catholics eat ham on Easter, in other words where it came from. Of course he got the information from another born again website. So I looked around and got the correct information and put it on facebook. Maybe one of these days something will sink in and wake him up.
 I spent a few years in the assembly of god church when I was first married. At first it was nice, but then the catholic bashing began. I found myself starting to do the same thing. Fortunately the Holy Spirit woke me up and my wife and I left that church. There are many excellent books for Catholics. We ended up in the Lutheran Church for quite a few years as our children were young. I did however decide over the Eucharist to leave that church and come back to the Catholic Church. My wife decided to all become Catholic by her own choice and my children became Catholic as well.
 I remember many times working at different jobs and the catholic misinformation would come up. I have had to correct several people as for the misinformation they had received. If we are trying to be like Jesus, then we should do what Jesus would do. He would not bash or cut someone down. No he would show love and understanding and rebuke when necessary, but no in a demeaning way. So my advise is to buy books written by Catholics and know the truth, then teach others. There are many excellent books on Catholic Traditions that will help. Spread the truth and not lies.